White Rice Bowl II

Hung Liu is a very interesting female artist.  Self-exiled from China in 1984, her own personal history of living through the cultural revolution elevates her artwork where past and present, real and symbolic coincide.  Her work reminds me of a book I once saw called "Chinese Woman and Moderinity: Calendar posters of the 1910s-1920s"  Some of the woman portrayed in her pictures are somehow reminiscent of the same women posing in the posters, both also being surrounded by traditional chinese symbols, propaganda'esq if you wish.   Apparently Lui fell in love with faded photos and portraits of emperors, their wives and concubines.  I'm always really inspired by this style of painting.  To me it demonstrates a really good technical grasp that still allows for energy and expression.  I'm drawn by their sad faces, suggestive, with even darker undertones symbolic of women suffering hard labor.

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