Joël Lorand

Came across this guy today, Joël Lorand who was born in Paris in 1962.  He's self-taught and devotes all his time to painting as an outsider artist.  Apparently he once specialised in cake decoration!  I can't find much on him written in English and my patience runs out pretty quick translating the French.  But it seems he's inspired by simple shapes reminiscent of children's drawings which he then elaborates on with "thinkness".  I didn't know what this meant to begin with.  But I think it might have something to do with him sometimes using utensils once used in his previous life icing cakes.  The drawings often have ironic and poetic titles, suggesting a dissociation with society and it's limits.  Many describe his work is about Lorand settling scores with society, but to me isn't that what most artists are doing?  
Jesus, what it would be like to have the patience to paint something like this?

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