Disturbed bugs

Scorpion fly from Reuenthal, Switerland.
The right wings are twisted and the abdomen are deformed. 1988

Scentless plant bug, Switerland.
Left wing is blown up like a balloon 1988 - 1989

Damsel bug, Switerland.
Wings of uneven length and disturbed neck plate. 1988

Ladybird bettle, USA
Dent and black growth on wings. 1991

Since the catastrophe of Chernobyl in 1986 Cornelia Hess-Honegger has been collecting, studying and painting "morphologically disturbed insects" -  mutant bugs.  A scientific illustrator and science artist, she has researched radioactive-contaminated regions across the globe and many of her delicate illustrations contain second generation bugs with wings growing from their eyes or crippled limbs.  Cornelia findings are both disturbing and shocking.  As the land is contaminated, as is the vegetation and thus a serious threat to surrounding nature, potentially people included even if the amounts are deemed "safe".  As a result of insufficient research by scientists there is  an "official science that claims low levels of radiation are harmless" however those that have studied it are not given enough opportunity to publish their findings, and are more often than not "ostracized by the scientific community".

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