Bought a fantastic new book called Natural Fashion: Tribal decoration from Africa.  The photos are incredible and I'm mad for drawing all of them.  I often wonder about the way in which we project ourselves to others,  this idea of the self-image, or how we allow people to perceive and receive us.  It includes everything from someone's decoration to their gait or expression.  
Mainly i get irritated by people who albeit look great but can't crack a fucking smile on a morning.  Is it not cool to be happy? Here comes a rant, it's not my place to tell them but they need to lighten up.  Not everyone is trying hard to be their friend or their enemy.  Most, like me, are just trying to be good souls irrespective of them.  Eitherway, it fascinates me how we like to portray ourselves, these scenesters are particularly guilty of this and to be honest is getting boring.  Anyway, my daydreaming continues to meander along this path and i start wondering how mundane life would be like if we all looked the same, because wierdly thats what we seem to aspire to. No matter, we're all from the same plane.  We're all part of a succession of phases that make up one earth.  Not one persons is any better or more special than another.  Noosphere is my favorite which is the third phase apparently after geosphere and biosphere.
Anyway, back to the book, go check it out.

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